Lease Management

We are a full service residential property management company based in Scottsdale Arizona. Our team of Arizona lease management professionals work to maintain the integrity of the landlord / tenant relationship while at the same time preserving the value of the rental property through proactive management processes.

Tenant Placement

Ultimately the decision for tenant placement is that of the owner’s. Our rental property marketing strategies allow us to generate very targeted tenant prospects and with our comprehensive application and background / credit check processes, the decision to place should be an easy one for the owner.

Property Sales

At some point many of our owners opt to buy and sell property whether it be to add value to their property portfolio or simply to move out of one property and into another. We have a team of area specific and skilled licensed Arizona real estate professionals who can help with home sales, home purchases, lease options and much more.

Lease Management
Tenant Placement
Property Sales

Our Departments


Our people in finance oversee and manage all financial and accounting aspects of rental properties. The finance department goal is to provide up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive data on the financial status of each property for the support of short- and long-term decision making.


Our property managers are assigned to a specific portfolio of rental properties and are in charge of each of their respective properties. They will coordinate and oversee all property specific tasks and issues such as maintenance, tenant requests, property visits and inspections, etc.


Our maintenance team focuses on project management and is called into action each time a property needs attention. The other area of focus for this department is ensuring vendor and contractor relationships are plentiful and that those relationships are nurtured.


Our leasing department is responsible for actively marketing each rental property as well as processing applications for prospective tenants. Our leasing professionals respond to rental home inquiries immediately and handle each inquiry with service excellence.